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Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Total Home Solutions offers a deep clean service for all grease traps in London and Hertfordshire. Our professional grease removal services include the removal of all contents in the grease trap using a vacuum tanker. Once clear, the grease trap will then be deep cleaned and waste lines will be checked for blockages. All the waste which is removed from grease traps is professionally disposed of at an environmental waste site, and a waste transfer note issued from site upon completion of works.


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What is the purpose of a Grease Trap?

Grease traps are normally installed in restaurant kitchens between the waste pipes and sewer lines. This allows the grease trap to collect the (FOG – Fats, Oil and Grease) preventing waste materials entering the public sewer. Incorrect cleaning or a lack of cleaning will allow FOG and bacteria including other organic waste to accumulate and get too high for the trap to cope with; these materials will then be pushed through the grease traps. Once these materials have been pushed through the grease trap they will then quickly start to clog both the waste pipes and underground drainage systems. Businesses who’ve refused to install or clear a grease trap have been heavily fined by water authorities due to the damage grease does to public sewers.

Grease Trap Cleaning Prices Start From As Little As:

Non-return valves can be installed in a wide range of pipes and drains for flood prevention in domestic, commercial and some industrial drains, depending on their size. Some of the great benefits that these pieces of equipment can provide include:

  • £188.00 plus vat to deep clean grease trap up to 100 litres capacity, or 22 gallons.
  • £228.00 plus vat to deep clean grease trap up to 100-200 litres capacity, 44 gallons.
  • £288.00 plus vat deep clean grease trap up to 400 litres capacity, or 88 gallons.
  • Large grease traps would need to be quoted on request.


Grease traps are an essential component for any business’ drainage, especially in any culinary space. It is important that you take advantage of the best grease trap cleaning services if you want to continue to enjoy the benefits of your grease trap. In many businesses, a working grease trap is now a legal requirement. Even if you aren’t convinced by the real benefits that a grease trap can deliver to your business, it is important that you make sure they are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.


Here at Total Home Solutions , our professional team can ensure that your grease traps are all cleaned to the highest standard. If they are left dirty, these traps can cause a range of health hazards and potential issues relating to your drainage system’s health. Although they are a legal requirement in many businesses, they are also a discretionary choice for homes in the UK. Total Home Solutions team can undertake grease trap cleaning for both businesses and homes.


Why are Grease Traps important?

Here in the UK, we have major problems when it comes to the disposal of fats, oils and greases. These forms of waste, known as FOGs, can easily cause or contribute to major blockages in main sewer lines and on-site pipes and drains. This is particularly difficult to deal with in restaurants, hotels and cafes. These businesses generate much more waste than other properties. As such, they are likely to cause blockages and damage to existing pipes and drains.


Grease traps are designed to stop fats, oils and greases from entering the sewer lines and on-site drainage pipes. FOGs can stick to the interiors of drains and easily trap food waste and other debris. Over time, either weeks or months depending on the flow of waste, these blockages will grow to prevent water from flowing in the pipes. This can result in a total blockage and can even cause waste to back up and cause damage to the property itself.


The only effective way to prevent these issues from developing is to prevent FOG from entering the sewage system itself. That’s where grease traps and their essential cleaning comes in.


How Do Grease Traps Work?

Grease traps are, essentially, interceptors for the waste water. These plumbing fixtures capture waste water, including FOGs, as it passes through them. These interceptors are filled with water, which causes the FOGs to rise to the surface of the grease trap. Fats, oils and greases are lighter than water, so this always works. The water is then allowed to flow out of the interceptor into the drains, without carrying the FOGs with it.


In this case, FOGs remain in the grease trap. After a few weeks or months, grease trap cleaning services will be essential to prevent FOGs from entering the drains. Disposing of fats, oils and greases can prevent all kinds of potential issues from developing within the drainage system.


In most cases, grease traps will be located above ground. However, there are some industrial designs which are located underground. Here at Total Home Solutions we can deliver comprehensive cleaning services to help you deal with FOGs in your restaurant, hotel or café.


Why is Grease Trap Cleaning So Essential?

If your trap isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, the fats, oils and greases will start to pile up. This can allow them to escape into your drains, making the grease trap useless. In some cases, if left for months on end, FOGs can cause grease traps to become clogged, creating a blockage in your system which can be difficult to shift.


By getting a professional team to clear out your grease trap on a regular basis, you’ll be able to prevent dangerous waste from escaping into the drains. Here at Total Home Solutions our experienced team of grease trap cleaners and drain engineers can help to eliminate the risk of FOGs clogging up your drains.


Anyone who has had to deal with a FOGs blockage in the past knows just how difficult they can be to move. If you want to eliminate health hazards in your restaurant, hotel or café, or prevent drain blockages from causing damage to your property, then grease trap installation and regular cleaning is essential for you.


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Here at Total Home Solutions , our experienced team can deliver regular cleaning services for grease traps in London and Hertfordshire. Keeping these traps clean is essential to the health and success of your business. Whether you’re looking for commercial or domestic grease trap cleaning, get in touch with the team at Total Home Solutions today.


To prevent blockages, or for more information on grease traps, get in touch with our team today. You can reach us directly by calling us on 0800 612 8117. If you have any questions or concerns, send them to our team via our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Explained what had to be done and why every step of the way. In my case they had to remove a toilet in order to get to the blockage. This was done without any fuss and ZERO damage. Once unblocked they put a camera down the pipe with me watching to show all was cleared. The toilet was put back and double checked for any leaks before being satisfied enough for me to check and test. I recommend these guys to all.
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