Collapsed Drains

Here at Total Home Solutions, our experienced team can help you to resolve any and all drainage issues you might be suffering from. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer from a collapsed drain, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. These damaged pipes can cause a great deal of damage across your property. The longer they are left unrepaired, the more damage they will cause to your property. Fortunately, our engineers can work to resolve all kinds of collapsed drains in London, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Whether you’re suffering from a domestic, commercial or industrial drain collapse, our team are here to help.


Over time, drains are subjected to a great deal of pressure. They can sustain damage due to all kinds of concerns, from simple wear and tear to blockages. Even factors like nearby groundworks need to be taken into consideration. It is all too easy for even the most hard-wearing of drains to collapse and cause serious issues across your property.


If you want to protect your home or business from serious damages, get in touch with Total Home Solutions today. Our professional team can deliver a full range of repair and replacement services for collapsed drains across the South East of England. In addition to repairing the pipe itself, we can also offer advice to help you prevent the issue from occurring.


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What Causes Collapsed Drains?

Drains and pipes can collapse due to a wide range of different issues. Over time, even the most hard-wearing of drains can suffer serious damages. These issues can cause the structural integrity of your pipes to falter and weaken. This will, eventually, cause your drain pipe to collapse. The most common causes of collapsed drains in domestic, commercial and industrial properties are:

  • Tree Roots – Tree roots are a common cause of all kinds of drainage issues. If you have a tree on or near your property, its roots can result in a variety of serious problems. These roots naturally grow in the direction of moisture.As such, it is easy for them to find small cracks and loose connections in your drain pipes. As soon as they’ve detected these vulnerable spaces, they can quickly grow into the pipes themselves.
  • Simple Wear and Tear – Older buildings, and those facilities with aging pipes, are likely to suffer from serious damage due to wear and tear. This can often cause certain parts of your drain to thin. If the pressure on your drains changes, it can easily cause your pipes to collapse.
  • Nearby Groundworks – If you’re conducting any groundworks in the area around your drains, it is easy for the shifting of the earth to cause a drain to collapse. This can either be due to the increase weight and pressure on certain areas of your drains, or due to a shifting of the earth around vulnerable areas.

What are the Risks of Collapsed Drains?

Collapsed drains can cause water to escape from your drains. In most cases, the collapsed part of your drain will block the rest of the drain. This can prevent any water or waste from moving through your system as it should. Instead, it will be forced into the surrounding area. This can occur on any kind of drain pipe.


If the affected drain is underground, it can cause water to spill into the surrounding soil. This can cause your soil to become waterlogged. Waterlogged soil is a common cause of serious structural damage, particularly to your foundations.


If your drain collapses inside your home, it will be easier to notice. Depending on the affected pipe, this can cause extremely unpleasant smells across your home or business. It can also cause a range of serious structural issues, such as flooding, mould and rising damp.

How Will Total Home Solutions Resolve Collapsed Drains?

Identifying the Collapsed Drain

The first step to resolving any kind of collapsed drain is to identify its exact location within your system. Using reliable CCTV drain surveys, we can conduct a full investigation of your drainage system. This will allow us to identify all kinds of issues, including collapsed drains, blockages and more.


Repairing the Collapsed Drains in Your Home or Business

As soon as we’ve identified the location of the drainage issue, we can provide drain lining to resolve the collapsed drain. We will thorough clean the system of all waste and potential blockages. From there, we will conduct drain lining to repair the drain collapse, in addition to any cracks or loose connections.


For Collapsed Drains in London, Get in Touch with Total Home Solutions Today

Here at Total Home Solutions, we can work with you to quickly resolve all kinds of drainage issues. We can reline or replace collapsed drains to suit your needs. Our experienced team can deliver this reliable service to commercial, retail, domestic and industrial properties.


For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. You can reach us directly by calling us on 0800 612 8117 If you have any questions or concerns, you can also use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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Explained what had to be done and why every step of the way. In my case they had to remove a toilet in order to get to the blockage. This was done without any fuss and ZERO damage. Once unblocked they put a camera down the pipe with me watching to show all was cleared. The toilet was put back and double checked for any leaks before being satisfied enough for me to check and test. I recommend these guys to all.
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