Flood Prevention

With water levels constantly on the rise, it’s no surprise that flooding is becoming increasingly common. Drainage pipes are under more strain than ever before and are becoming more vulnerable to standing water. Here at Total Home Improvements we can work with you to prevent all kinds of structural damage caused by flooding. Our flood prevention services have been utilised by homes and businesses across London and Hertfordshire.


Thanks to our specialised services, you’ll be able to protect your property from all kinds of flooding and standing water. We can provide a comprehensive service to suit your property’s needs. Whether your home or business is at risk due to ineffective drainage or the presence of regularly-flooding rivers and waterways, get in touch today.


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A Complete Range of Flood Prevention Services

When it comes to flood prevention, Total Home Improvements can deliver a full range of services to suit your needs. In the past, we’ve worked to prevent flooding affecting properties caused by ineffective or poorly-maintained water lines. This flooding can easily cause serious structural damage, ruin existing stock and result in major inconveniences.


As part of our comprehensive flood prevention services, we can provide all kinds of essential solutions. In the past, these anti-flooding solutions have proven essential to all kinds of properties. Domestic, commercial and industrial properties can all enjoy a real advantage from these solutions. Just some of the anti-flooding treatments that we can provide include:

  • Sandbags, Hydro-Sacks and Hydro-Snakes.
  • Door Barriers.
  • Drain Seals.
  • Air-Brick Covers.
  • Submersible Water Pumps.


Without these essential features, your home or business could be at great risk of flooding damage. If your home becomes flooded, you’ll more than likely lose irreplaceable family mementos. In a business environment, you could lose stock and suffer long-term or even permanent damage. As such, taking advantage of the premium flood preventing techniques that Total Home Improvements can provide is absolutely essential.


Non-Return Valves

Some of the most practical flood prevention techniques that we use are non-return valves. Every now and again, it is possible for heavy storms to cause standing water and flooding water within the main sewer pipes. This can cause backwash and flood water to enter your property through toilets, sinks and shower drains.


This can be difficult to deal with if you aren’t already aware of the risk. Aside from suffering through a flooding property, a system’s propensity for flooding can be discovered by a detailed CCTV drain survey. These surveys can be used to identify all kinds of potential problems and vulnerabilities in your system.


The most effective solution to resolve flooding caused by heavy rainfall in your drains are non-return valves. These hard-wearing and long-term valves will be installed within your drainage system. As their name suggests, they will allow water and waste to flow one-way through your drains. Thanks to their intelligent design, they will be able to prevent water and other material from flowing back up your drains.

How Do Non-Return Valves Work?

Non-return valves are an effective means of flood prevention. They are hinged in one direction, allowing them to allow water and waste to flow through the system. In the event that flooding causes the water to move backwards, these valves will lock in place. This can create an effective, water-proof seal.


The presence of these non-return valves in the system will stop water and waste from flowing back through the system. This is one of the most effective ways of preventing flooding from your drainage system.

What are the Benefits of Non-Return Valves for London and Hertfordshire Properties?

Non-return valves can be installed in a wide range of pipes and drains for flood prevention in domestic, commercial and some industrial drains, depending on their size. Some of the great benefits that these pieces of equipment can provide include:

  • Prevents the Backflow of Waste and Water into Your Home or Business.
  • Can Be Designed as Single or Double-Flapped.
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel to Prevent Rodent Intrusion.
    • Lockable Handles. This is essential for:
    • Maintenance Works.
    • Manual Securing in Heavy Storms and Flooding.
  • Normally Installed on 100-150mm Pipe Lines. Larger Valves can be Installed.
  • Non-Return Valves can be Quickly and Easily Maintained and Repaired.

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