Rising damp is the general term used to describe the process of water entering the fabric of a building from the surrounding ground. Rising through the walls and floors, the damp will slowly cause damage throughout the property, contaminating building materials and decorations.


Here at Heritage Warm Systems our qualified experts can provide extensive damp proofing inspections that will assess and diagnose the extent and type of damp affecting your property. From the results, we will provide recommendations on specific damp proof treatments.


Once the damp has been eliminated, we can provide our assistance and expertise to ensure the area is protected against further damp rising. We will select the best suited solution based on your individual situation.



Dry Rot plays an important part in decaying wood lying around as long as it has the right conditions; moisture, darkness and poor ventilation. We’ve treated and successfully eradicated rot from many properties in and around West London.


Using specialist tools our surveyors can monitor the progress of any dry rot infestation, even when the rot is in concealed areas of a property. If a survey reveals the presence of dry rot then the dry rot treatment recommended will depend on the severity of the outbreak. Our highly skilled workforce always deliver a high standard of workmanship consistently and we will always do our upmost to ensure all of our customers are left 100% satisfied with the quality of our services. Any treatment undertaken will always be selected to suit the individual situation best.


For more information on rising damp or dry rot treatment, please feel free to get in touch. We will happily provide you with all the time and advice you require.


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