At Heritage Damp Proofing we specialise in damp course treatments for all types for rising damp, dry & wet rot, condensation and woodworm.


If a building doesn’t have a damp proof course or it has become damaged then the building will become susceptible to rising damp issues.


Rising damp in your home or property can cause a wide range of problems, including health risks, heat loss from your property along with causing damage to your homes timbers. If your home has damp there are many ways to identify these issues, these


include your wallpaper starting to peel off, tidemarks on the walls, damp patches, mould and rotting of your skirting boards.


The most effective method for treating the damp issue is to repair the damp proof course or, if there isn’t one, install a new one.


What is the process?

To install a damp proof course the process involves a professional to drill holes in the damp wall to inject a damp proof membrane into it and then replace any damaged plaster. Our team can take care of all of this for you. If you have noticed damp in your home it is important that you don’t ignore it, just give Heritage Damp Proofing a call and our team will provide you with a free quote for your damp proofing.


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