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We design and build beautiful landscaped driveways, patios and entrances for homes and businesses.


Smart Pave has been established for over 30 years and we remain the leading driveway specialist in Cheltenham.


Our specialised driveway and landscapes teams are fully insured, employed and qualified.


From block paving, tarmac, asphalt, patio flagstones, concrete, shingle and gravel driveways, paths and forecourts. We work with you to give you functional and fantastic entrances to your property.


  • No Upfront Payments.
  • Do Not Pay Anything Until Fully Satisfied.
  • No Pushy Salesmen.
  • 10 Year Guarantee.
  • Free No Obligation Quotes.
  • Feel Free To Call For Advice.
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Quality long Lasting Driveways at Great Prices

Smart Pave create long lasting high quality driveways, patios and paths. If you want a new tarmac, concrete or block paving driveway, patio or path done properly without paying over-inflated prices for overpriced ‘top quality’ workmanship and unnecessarily over-expensive materials; but you don’t want to have to worry about the work staying looking as good as when it was first done; then call us to talk about your requirements and give you a quote.


A new driveway can give your home instant kerb appeal and increase its’ value; so long as the job is done right. It’s always tempting to get the job done for the cheapest price you can, but it is almost certain to end up costing you a lot more in the long run, either through having to pay again to have your new driveway or paving replaced, or the money you spent intending to make your property worth more actually devalues it.


We specialise in creating great looking and long lasting drives, patios, and paving at non-inflated prices – we will not use sub-standard materials that won’t last and we won’t cut any corners in the preparation or finishing.


We also regularly have to repair or replace drives and paving that have not lasted because the home owner tried to save a few pounds using the cheapest contractors and materials.


The Price We Quote is the Price You Pay – (don’t get ‘ripped off’)

We provide you with a written quotation; and the price we quote is the price you pay. You may be aware of the common ‘trick’ some paving contractors use of quoting low just to get the job, starting the work and then telling you that you need to pay more because of an ‘unforeseen problem’! This is something we don’t want you to worry about: If we ever make a mistake and under-quote then we absorb the costs and pay for it ourselves: the price written in the pre-work agreement is the price you pay.


Our prices/quotes are not over-inflated just so they can be reduced to make it appear that you are getting a discount to persuade you to buy: we will give you a quote of what it realistically costs to have the job done properly; if we’re under-quoted it usually means that you’re not going to have the job done properly and you may end up paying more in the long run.


Our reputation is very important to us and we get a lot of our work from recommendations so you can trust us to provide only the best customer service and aftercare.


Please call us on 07426 794414 and we will be happy to discuss any requirements you may have and we can arrange to come out, have a look and give you a quote.


About Us

We are a local driveway and paving company committed to delivering great customer service and high quality work at very competitive prices.


It’s so important to use a reputable paving contractor if you want your new driveway, patio or path to remain looking good for many years. A well laid good looking driveway will increase the value of your property; not to mention create a great first impression to visitors and potential buyers, while a drive that looks scruffy and has sunk even a little bit may well reduce to value and ‘turn off’ potential buyers.


A lot of our work comes from the recommendations of our past customers and we provide a free 5 year guarantee on all our work. Our reputation is important to us; so you can be assured that we never cut corners or ‘surprise’ customers with unexpected additional expenses. Everything we quote for is out in writing so our customers know exactly what to expect.


WE believe in creating great quality driveways at a fair price: we are not out to make a ‘fortune’ out of you by overpricing jobs or by ‘swindling’ extra money out of customers for ‘unexpected complications’ – the price we quote is the price that it will actually cost to get the job done properly and to the standard that we are happy to guarantee our work. We regularly come across homeowners who thought they would save a few pounds by believing the ‘sales patter’ of some contractors and going for the cheapest quote only to end up paying A LOT MORE! When someone ends up having to have their new drive dug up and replaced just a year or two later; you can be sure they don’t go for the cheapest quote the second time, and sometimes the difference in quotes could be only a couple of hundred pounds and it ends up costing them thousands!


Our intention is to provide you with the results you expected when you described to us what you wanted and to hopefully exceed your expectations so you recommend us to your family and friends.

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Extremely pleased with the work

Extremely pleased with the work undertaken on my property. Will definitely be using Smart Paving and Landscaping for the future needs on my home. Would highly recommend.

Mr & Mrs R Hartley Cheltenham

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